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Here you can find proposals, documents and responses that have been circulated to the media, as well as articles where the JLA is mentioned or referenced.

The JLA respond to 'Affordable Housing: supply and delivery' report

6th January 2022

In November 2021 the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny panel issued their report on affordable housing supply and delivery.   

Tenants receive notice to leave their homes on Christmas Eve

6th January 2022

The JLA Committee released this response to the news of tenants receiving notice to vacate their homes on Christmas Eve 2021. 

Press Release addressing Reform Jersey Election Pledges

17th December 2021

Press Release from the Jersey Landlords Association, which addresses certain election pledges made by Reform Jersey on the 1st December 2021. 

The JLA joins the new Strategic Housing Partnership board

30th September 2021

The new Strategic Housing Partnership Board met for the first time yesterday. The Board is made up of representatives from across Jersey's housing sector.

Landlord Licensing rejected by the States Assembly for a second time

22nd July 2021

On Tuesday 20th July, P33/2021 was debated and rejected by a narrow margin in the States Assembly. Our response to this outcome has been shared with members and the Press. 

JLA position on the proposed Landlord Licensing Scheme - P33/2021

16th July 2021

Last September we wrote to all members to let them know that P106/2019 Draft Public Health and Safety (Rented Dwellings) (Licensing) was going to be debated by States Members. Happily the proposition was rejected. 

We are now facing new draft regulations to implement a licensing scheme for landlords - and the debate is scheduled for Tuesday 20th July. This statement is being sent to all States Members today, as well as to the islands main media outlets.   

Addendum to earlier press release in light of media coverage.

16th April 2021

The JLA Committee felt key points of our earlier Press Release (dated 16th April 2020) had not been given full consideration in the media's response. We therefore issued a further statement to highlight these points. 

Fresh plans for rent licences in Jersey - ITV

16th April 2021

ITV article on the proposed licensing scheme, including reference to our Press Release dated 16th April 2021.  

JLA Press Release commenting on new proposals for Landlord Licensing. 

16th April 2021

Senator Mezec and Deputy Ward have both put forward propositions with renewed calls for a Landlord Licensing Scheme. 

Jersey landlords reject call for ‘rent stabilisation’ measures - Landlord Zone

12th April 2021

Jersey’s former housing minister has urged the island’s parliament to give more power to tenants by strengthening tenancies and stabilising rents, a move that the island’s landlords have told LandlordZONE they reject.

Fresh bid for a landlord licensing scheme - Bailiwick Express

12th March 2021

A Deputy has put forward updated plans to introduce new licensing regulations for landlords, after the initial proposition was rejected by politicians in September.   

Calls to reintroduce ban on evictions and rent increases in Jersey - ITV

18th February 2021

The JLA are mentioned and referenced in this report covering the Jersey Tenants Forum call.

Jersey Tenants Forum call for the reintroduction of Eviction and Rent Increase Ban - Channel 103

17th February 2021

Yesterday Channel 103 reported on a call from the Jersey Tenants Forum, to reintroduce the ban on rent increases and evictions.  The JLA Committee have produced this response, which has been sent to the Jersey Tenant's Forum and the islands media.


You can view Channel 103's report here:

2,900 Inspections fail Environment Health's minimum standards - ITV

12th November 2020

JLA Committee Member Emma Paul appears on Channel TV following the news that over 2,900 properties have failed Environmental Health's minimum standards.

JLA Calls Landlord Licensing Defeat 'A Triumph Of Common Sense'

9th September 2020

The Jersey Landlords Association says the States' rejection of a scheme to licence landlords is 'a triumph of common sense' but a tenant' group says it will complain about how the debate was handled.

Empowering Tenants

2nd September 2020

The debate regarding Licensing of landlords in Jersey is fast approaching. Next Tuesday, the 8th September, our States Members will debate, and then vote on Proposition P106/2019. Feedback from our members has told us that you feel these changes would be excessively bureaucratic and intrusive. The JLA Committee has been busy the last few days contacting States Members to discuss the proposition, and to put forward a proposal that we think would be a better way forward to improve standards for tenants. We share this with you below.

Housing Minister alienated private rental sector - Jersey Evening Post

1st September 2020

Letter to the JEP regarding statements made by the Housing Minister, Sam Mezec regarding reports of 16% rent increases for some tenants. 

JLA response to claims of excessive rent increases post Covid-19 freeze - open letter to the Media.

11 August 2020

Being faced yet again with emotive headlines, the JLA committee have commented on a story of rent increases and our comments have been shared with Island media outlets and can be accessed by the link below;

The Committee do not feel that sensationalist headline figures should be the basis for any permanent change to legislation that would affect both landlords and tenants alike.

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