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What happens when disaster strikes?

23 February 2021

There have been suggestions made by Deputy Monty Tadier, and covered in the local media, that changes are needed to the law to protect tenants when their property becomes suddenly uninhabitable. Some of the media coverage can be found here:

The JLA Committee have put together some thoughts on this, which members may like to consider. We also hope that we can plan our next online training session to be on this topic, in the hope that this may assist members when considering their responsibilities.

The information contained in this advisory is necessarily brief and general in nature and does not constitute legal advice. Appropriate legal or other professional advice should be sought for any specific matter.

Read it here:

Our thoughts on uninhabitable rental properties

IVT Article: 'Urgent' changes needed to protect renters hit by crisis in Jersey

JEP Article: Call for help for tenants left homeless after fires

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