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JLA Policy Proposal Document - Empowering Tenants

1 September 2020

The JLA Committee has been busy the last few days contacting States Members to discuss the proposition, and to put forward a proposal that we think would be a better way forward to improve standards for tenants. We share this with you below, and ask that where possible, you take the time this week to contact your representatives in the States.

1st September 2020

Dear States Members,
There are some that would have you believe that landlords have nothing useful to say about the rental sector.  They are, as the story goes, conflicted and only interested in blocking change.  That is both disappointing and wrong.  As practitioners, some with decades of experience, landlords have lots to offer in the way of insight and thought leadership. 

Like the Environmental Health and Housing Ministers, the JLA wants to promote good standards in the rental sector and to root out bad landlords.  But that is where the agreement ends. 

The Ministers think it is a good idea to use taxpayers’ money to inspect thousands of properties to find the handful of bad ones.  We respectfully disagree.  As the attached article explains, having given this issue considerable thought, we have concluded that it is possible to achieve these worthy goals at significantly lower cost. 

In short, we believe that the best way forward is to empower tenants.  They already enjoy significant protections under the law, and if we can encourage them to exercise them – through education and support – there will be no need for costly and intrusive inspections. 

These are challenging economic times and the last thing the Island’s economy needs is yet more red tape.

All we ask is that you read the attached document and consider its contents when you come to vote on the proposed licensing scheme later this month. 

My door is always open if you would like to discuss our proposal document or any issue pertaining to the rental sector. 

Yours sincerely,

Peter Lucas

Chairman, JLA

JLA Policy Proposal

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