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Jersey Tenants Forum call for the reintroduction of Eviction and Rent Increase Ban.

16 February 2021

"Tenants in the private sector have been facing a really uncertain situation where they face reduced income or they face losing their jobs because of the situation here in Jersey with Covid.

We've been contacted at Jersey Tenants Forum by people who are facing rent increases and they're really really worried because, quite simply, they are facing losing their homes and they will have nowhere to live.

It seems eminently sensible that Jersey falls into line with the rest of the British Isles and indeed with the rest of Europe to give that physical stability and mental stability for private tenants." - Stuart Langhorn, Jersey Tenants Forum representative.

The JLA Committee will be issuing a response promptly.

Channel 103 article: Call To Reinstate Eviction Ban In Jersey

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