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Dwelling Licensing - Members Experiences

From August 2024 all landlords will need to have a Renting Dwellings Licence for each unit of residential property rented in Jersey.

The Government have stated their aim for the Residential Licensing regime will be to operate on a 'light touch' basis with an intended enforcement process of 'engage, explain, encourage and enforce.'

The JLA Committee are eager to ensure Government live up to their stated aims - If you feel you have been poorly treated with regard to your Dwelling License(s) we urge you to complete the following - All submissions will be treated with the utmost discretion and will only be shared outside of the JLA Committee and administrator with the express permission of the person making the submission;


Address of Property Inspected:

Date of Inspection:

Description of Your Inspection Experience:

Upload Inspection Report:

Inspection Report

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Town Hall Meeting MON 13 May 7pm - Licensing + Proposed New Tenancy Regs

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Rented Dwellings Licensing - JEP 16 04 2024 with dates of events

Rented Dwellings Licensing 15/04/2024

Rented Dwellings Licensing - Code of Practice - April 2024

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