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Membership & Benefits

Membership of the Jersey Landlords Association

Membership of the Jersey Landlords Association is open to owners (and managers) of Jersey based private rented accommodation.

About Jersey Landlords Association Administration

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Joining fee £25 (for new / lapsed members)

The subscription payable is determined by the number of rentable units and is renewable every 12 months.

Note:  A unit is defined as one lettable entity so, for example, one house/flat let to one party is one unit, one property divided into 3 flats, let to 3 different parties is 3 units, one house divided into 20 bedsits and let to 20 different parties is 20 units

1 to 10 units: £30.00 p.a.

11 to 40 units:  £50.00 p.a.

41+ units:  £80.00 p.a.

See Join Here / membership application form for details and note that registered “persons” means adults + children (itemised separately, e.g. 10 adults + 2 children)

Any paid-up member, with vacant properties, flats or rooms, may place a number of free advertisements (Terms and Conditions apply), on this site during the subscription year, with the actual number being determined by the level of subscription paid as follows:

1-10 units: £30.00 annual subscription (includes up to 6 adverts)

11-40 units:  £50.00 annual subscription (includes up to 10 adverts)

41+ units:  £80.00 annual subscription (includes up to 16 adverts)

Additional unit advertisements can be purchased on application to admin@jla.com

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